Charlie MacArthur explains the theory behind the 10-6 C-Mac ATB and the inflatable C4 SUB-Vector series.
While driving home from work on a snowy evening I started day dreaming about training for a SUP downriver race this up coming season but the allure of SUPing my local run kept taking a hold of my mind. That thought was too powerful for me to ignore. To get familiar with what taught me the fundamentals of kayaking but only to do it this time standing up just made my heart race. My local run called Slaughterhouse will start low and boney and potentially turn into a major flush over the course of a month or so. Ha, ha, how I love spring runoff. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. Maybe I should get some padded tights to help out with this affair.


I was still relishing over a terribly exciting SUP experience I had with Charlie MacArthur and Dan Gavere last spring runoff where I swam a ton and simply got pummeled. I remember watching Dan gear up before our session where he was putting on motocross knee/shin guards with duct tape. What the?? Oh, my god that is genius, I though to myself! I was instantly envious and did not hesitate to ask if he had another pair. I knew it was a long shot but from out of the depths of his van Dan pulled out one and then another. I was so stoked that he had a pair to offer and it felt awesome strapping those things on.


RiverSUP DVDRiverSUP is a revolutionary new DVD. This unique production is the first DVD to focus exclusively on the challenging and invigorating sport of stand-up paddling (SUP) on whitewater rivers. Stand-up paddle surfing has burgeoned in popularity around the world and now a dedicated crew of Rocky Mountain river-rats have taken the sport from its roots at the ocean into an entirely new realm.

River stand-up pioneer Charlie MacArthur and Paul Tefft from EnviroAction Productions have teamed up with C4 Waterman to produce this cutting-edge DVD. RiverSUP is multi-faceted - part instructional and part action/adventure entertainment. Concise clips and accurate explanations take the aspiring SUP river paddler from the ins and outs of mellow river paddling to the advanced techniques of paddling class II & III rapids. Viewers will learn how to read rapids, peel in and out of the current, make dynamic eddy turns, perform river specific paddle techniques, and surf endless river waves.

RiverSUP also includes five bonus movies including a segment on the world’s first river stand up paddling championship and a scenic and exciting photo video adventure.

It's time to join the world’s most experienced river stand-up paddlers in this one-of-a-kind action and instruction adventure.

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Here are some pics from the Brown's Canyon section of the Arkansas river....the rapid is Zume Flume...rockin' the C-Mac baby!




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